HexaLock AutoLock Wizard

HexaLock AutoLock Wizard 4.7

A great software for protecting your content, software or documents
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HexaLock, Ltd

Enable to protect content on a CD-RX media with only few mouse clicks. Protect your games, software, documentation or multimedia content.


- Superior copy protection strength and performance.
- Ability to also protect recordable discs with the use of CD-RX - The first, truly copy protectable CD-R in the world, and the only commercially successful CD-R
copy protection solution.
- Content Copy Protection – The first copy protection technology that can protect content files such as PDF and program files.
- Virtual Digital Hologram technology – VDH is a powerful and virtually impossible to imitate identification and authentication element.
- Simple and easy to use tools that help you complete all your copy protection tasks with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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